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All in Print China 2022
2022.10.11-15   SNIEC · Shanghai

About All in Print — The Oriental Window of World Printing Industry

China International Exhibition for All Printing Technology & Equipment (All in Print China) is one of the most influential exhibitions in China's printing industry. The exhibition, co-organized by the Printing Technology Association of China, China Academy of Printing Technology, and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, has seen seven successful sessions since 2003. Over the past decade, All in Print China has been focusing on the frontier technologies of the world printing industry, not only creating an exhibition platform for the global printing enterprises to promote transaction between suppliers and buyers, but also providing prime opportunities for printing professionals to make international exchanges, and boosting the exchange and dissemination of new technologies, hence being named "the Oriental Window of World Printing Industry".

All in Print China is committed to providing new opportunities for innovation and momentum for sustained development of printing industry. China's printing industry is accelerating the pace of development featuring "green, digitalization, intelligence, and integration" on its way toward a printing powerhouse. All in Print China shoulders to lead development of China printing industry and promote its technical upgrading, with the purpose of building an integrated platform for exchange and promotion of the new technology, products and materials in the printing and packaging industry. All in Print China is well positioned to make greater contributions to development of the world's printing industry.

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Notification of Epidemic Prevention

In order to provide a safe, healthy and reliable exhibition environment, All in Print 2022 will take the necessary epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the joint control requirements of the State Council and Shanghai exhibition industry guide of COVID-19 control and prevention. For your own protection and public health, some information you need to know and have to strictly abide before entering the exhibition area.

1. All those who enter the exhibition area must wear masks, maintain a safe social distance of 1 meter, avoid gathering, and reduce physical contact.

2. Passport/Hong Kong& Macao Passes/Taiwan Identity and normal body temperature are required at the entrance to the exhibition hall. Outside of the exhibition hall have temporary medical observation zone to quarantine and quick check suspected abnormal body temperature. If someone is suspected, the suspected infected case must cooperate with All in Print organizer to the hospital instead of entering to exhibition area after personal identity registration.

3. Real-name authentication registration will be carried out both online and offline. Every exhibitor, visitor, and the expo staff must be consistent with their own ID number and original ID card to get badge before entering into exhibition area. Overseas exhibitors and visitor’s temporary entry must provide COVID-19 RNA Test Report and Notice on Release from Medical Quarantine, with showing passport and take photo, to get the show badge. Exhibition documents are not allowed to be lent out. Once the organizer finding out that the badge is not in person, it will be cancelled immediately, and the person shall undertake all the consequences arising therefrom.

4. All in Print 2022 adopts pre-registration admission, limiting the maximum number of admission exhibition hall each day. For better visiting experience and reduce the rush, please preregister and follow onsite coordinator at each key position guiding the way.

5. Besides necessary working procedures of exhibit construction and transportation, every expo staff must register their own health condition at their unit twice a day and every day. For people whom come from the key areas must be sure their health condition in advance. All staff must wear masks.

6. Some concurrent programs and events of All in Print will be live broadcast or recording and playing online at the same time. Every event / program will limit the maximum number of participants in conference hall. Participants must wear masks all the time. Each seat will maintain a 1-meter distance. Registration procedures and epidemic prevention measures are the same as the exhibition hall.

7. Exhibition hall will extensive disinfection regularly. Restroom, dining area, public rest areas, garbage bins and other places will be sterilized at least 3 times a day, and update disinfection works every day; add the number of special garbage bins (barrels) for waste masks in exhibition area ; ensure efficient exhaust ventilation in the rest room and normal use of water supply, dryer and other facilities in the exhibition area. Please eat at designated dining area or restaurant. Booth or public areas of the exhibition hall is not allowed for meal. Exhibitors have the responsibility to report abnormal temperature visitors or staff to people whom in charge of epidemic prevention and control onsite. Exhibitors are required to disinfect their stands once a day during the exhibition. Every exhibitor should prepare enough disinfectant products for exhibition booth disinfect and booth staff use.

8. Every import / export of the exhibition hall has hand sanitizer for people use.

9. Main entrance of each exhibition hall will always open for better circulation of air.

10. All in Print organizing committee will not accept people from high-risk areas to register for the exhibition and enter the exhibition area. All participants should stay in a hotel where with hygiene standard and epidemic prevention conditions. During the exhibition period, please try avoiding crowded public places outside the exhibition area. Please wear a mask as possible as you can, wash hands frequently, keep a social distance, and consciously abide by local epidemic prevention regulations. When encountering an unexpected situation, All in Print organizer will follow the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control department to take a series of measures to protect public health.

11. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, all expo staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and visitors must register under real-name. Everyone entering exhibition hall must to check their health condition, certificate, QR code of epidemic prevention health information, badge and ID card. After all, People with normal temperature will have security inspection before entering the exhibition hall.