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Big data of exhibitors
80.9% of the exhibitors said they would continue to participate in CITE.
85.3% of the exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall exhibition effect.
90.1% of the exhibitors were willing to recommend CITE to peers and industry partners.
CITE2023 List of brand exhibitors (incomplete, ranked in no particular order)
Marketing promotion triggered focused exposure by big Media
The Expo has been been paid attention to and reported by many media, including CCTV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Shenzhen City Channel and other TV stations which tracked and reported the Expo for several days, CNR and Shenzhen Radio Station which released focus report on the Expo. In addition, major newspapers and media such as China Electronics News, Economic Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Jing Daily, Shenzhen Business Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po and Hong Kong Business Daily, as well as mainstream websites such as Xinhua News Agency, CNBN, China.com, Sohu.com, Phoenix.com, Tencent, Netease and Sina.com, and professional media such as China Display Network, Haiwainet.com, CINNO, Qianhai Media, New Materials Online, China Enterprise Network, Digital Signage Network, DailyTech, C114, CCW. com, CZN. com, Tech.China.com, CCTIME.com, CCID. com, TWWTN.com and Yesky.com also reported the latest news on the Expo for several months.
Video media reports (incomplete)
Screenshot of media reports (incomplete)
Advertising promotion
Official Website
Annual exposure: 1.1 million+
The official logo conveys industrial project information
Electronic Newsletter
Data amount: 1.5million+
Classified and accurately launched by targeting at electronic information industry and application scenarios.
Promotion by Media
117+ , Exposure by fowarding: 2200,000 +
Mass media, industry vertical media, we-media, comprehensive channels of official media and WeChat platform cooperate to disseminate the trend of electronic information industry efficiently.
Subway Brand & Train Adverting
Subway Station Lightbox Advertising
Airport Advertising
Why Choose CITE
  • Professional buyers: VIP buyers 丨 buyers purchase matchmaking meetings, face to face negotiation, contract signing and zero distance trade
  • High-end conference: understand the latest development trends and technology hotspots in the industry
  • All-round media promotion: TV stations, radio stations, magazine and newspaper advertisements, outdoor advertisements, press release push, network marketing, etc.
  • Accurate promotion based on database: regularly and accurately push informtion to industry users by E-mail group sending, SMS and telemarketing
  • High-end gathering: domestic leading entrepreneurs gather together to expand the circle of friends in the electronic information industry
At CITE, you may have a chance to contact the following professionals.
Intelligent Driving 5G and IoT Big Data IioT Consumer Electronics Integrated Circuit New Display Entertainment Life IEntertainment Life Intelligent Manufacturing
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