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Name Location Specification (M) W×H Price (RMB) Schematic diagram
NEW cloud screen ads On both sides of main entrance or aisle, at the connecting point between the platform and each

Single screen: 1777×656mm
Display area: 1760×640
Pixel: 704×256

NEW upright ads An ad at the southeast and southwest corner 18×6m  
A4 image flag Front square 1×3.5 RMB2,000/pole

China Information Technology Expo (CITE) is a national platform co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government that displays the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry and has now become the industry-leading, intentionally influential annual information technology expo in Asia.。

《“CITE Special Issue” is the only official magazine designated by the Organizing Committee for onsite release. With a total of two issues released each Expo, it is the most important part of the Expo. The special issues, which are carefully and elaborately compiled and produced by the editing and design teams of China Electronic Market magazine

Content Planning
The main purpose of CITE Special Issue is to gain an insight into the frontier technologies and development trends of the industry, collect the opinions of leaders in charge and authoritative institutions, pay attention to current hot issues, and showcase the latest technological achievements of leading enterprises.

Viewpoints of leading experts The Special Issue takes the lead in reporting on the speeches of leading industry experts at the specialized summit forums during the Expo and is the best window for enterprises and professional visitors to comprehensively learn about the developments of China’s electronic information industry.
Industry focus analysis Government and industry experts and the leaders of leading enterprises are invited to discuss industry developments and provide authoritative analysis of the industry’s future development trends, and the topics cover the most recent hot issues in the electronic information industry.
New trends of leading enterprises Technical highlights of main exhibition areas of the Expo are fully presented, and the latest exhibits and trends of exhibitors are released to combine industry focus with exhibition content.
Launching platform of new products and technologies The new technologies and products, CITE innovative products and products winning application awards released during the Expo are launched through the Special Issue.

Distribution Channel
The Special Issue is generally distributed onsite to the following four groups
Approximately 500 copies are distributed to responsible ministerial, departmental and bureau-level leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and responsible leaders of provincial commissions of economy and information technology;
Approximately 2,000 copies are distributed to responsible leaders of exhibitors;
Approximately 15,000 copies are distributed to professional visitors onsite;
Approximately 2,000 copies are distributed to professional audience at all summit forums/technical seminars during the Expo.

Audience Classification
- Classified by region
- Classified by industry
- Classified by position

Advertising Quotation and Requirement

Size (finished product) 210 X 285 mm
Unit price RMB15,000/page
Remarks A total of three special issues are distributed to government leaders, company executives and VIP visitors. The circulation is 5,000 copies.

1. Net size of the ad: 210×285mm; bleed size: 216×291mm.
2. File format: electronically stored in jpg or tif format with the minimum resolution of 300Dpi and 1:1 size proportion.
3. The above is the official offer of the CITE Special Issue published by China Information Technology Expo (CITE). For details, feel free to contact the sales representatives.

  规格 单价 备注
门票 90mm×210mm 1元/份(1万张起订) 电子行业展会派发、专业媒体夹带
参观指南 210mm×285mm 15000元 印量为6万份,现场买家人手一册 



8元/个(5000个起订) 应用于展商报道、研讨会听众、观众登录,手提袋其中一面
展商胸卡 95mm×120mm 20000元 共制作10000个
观众胸卡 95mm×120mm 100000元 共制作50000个
展商挂绳 -- 20000元 共制作10000根
观众挂绳 -- 100000元 共制作50000根
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