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No. Exhibition Procces note
01 Beginning of exhibitor application, consulting and communication August 16, 2021
02 Submission of basic information of exhibitors  
03 Contract signing and booth confirmation  
04 Paymen  
05 End of exhibitor application 联报活动结束前付款可享受优惠政策
06 Submission of detailed information of exhibitors  
07 Provision of value-added service material for key customers  
08 Release of Exhibitor’s Manual 2022年3月1日前,官网发布
09 Electronic ticket service 根据客户要求,1对1发给客户
10 VIP invitation service for key customers 主要给参展面积为36平米以上的展商提供服务
11 Mailing of pre-registered visitor badges  
12 Mailing of pre-registered visitor badges March 8, 2022
13 1-to-1 buyer reservation, exhibitor-visitor brokering, VIP visitor reservation,those services are mainly available for exhibitors with exhibition area of 36m2 or above  
14 End of onsite water, electricity and gas reservation  
15 Set-up time for special exhibitors: April 7-8, 2022
Set-up time for standard exhibitors: April 8, 2022
16 Exhibition time April 9-11, 2022
17 Exhibition removal time 2022年4月11日16点开始撤展
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