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Before the Expo:CITE has maintained close cooperation with 200+ media in China. Through effective integration of both internal and external media and PR resources, we have established a stable, wide-ranging integrated publicity platform.
During the Expo:We will at the Expo site set up a media center, which receives media and journalists from all over the world ,and makes available to you all news material on the Expo.
At the media center, our team is poised to provide you with everything needed for you and your work. During the Expo, you may have access to the following services:
Please feel free to contact us for liaison and cooperation with journalists, TV, broadcast and network media.
Media Coordination
Contact person- Manager Li


+86-010-51662329 Ext 77




23rd Floor, Block A, Shijikemao Building, No. 1, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing



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