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Industrial Chain-based Innovative Enterprise and an All-dimensional Display Platform
Industrial Chain-based Innovative Enterprise and an All-dimensional Display Platform
Smart home, a highly competitive segment with many innovative market players
Intelligent life is now rising, which involves many aspects including smart city, smart transport, smart home, smart healthcare and smart education at the micro and macro levels. CITE witnesses the role of the electronic information industry in promoting intelligent transformation and upgrade of traditional homes, such as technical evolution from traditional 2K television and 8K television to curved TV and transformation and upgrade from traditional home appliances to smart home solutions. “Intelligent life” service market is deemed the next “blue ocean” and is now attracting the participation of numerous system integrators, e-commerce enterprises, channels, manufacturers of traditional home appliances, social service providers and social capital. A competitive landscape with a large number of competitors is in the making.
Intelligent Connected Vehicles and New Energy Vehicles
With a gigantic potential and very attractive policy advantage, the Chinese automobile market provides a huge application market for automotive electronic products, especially new energy and intelligent vehicle industries. “Made in China 2025” clearly states the strategic goal for the development of new energy vehicle and intelligent vehicle industries. By 2025, the annual sale volume of new energy vehicles in which China already attains an international leading level will be 3 million units or account for 80% of the total vehicle sales in domestic market and China will gradually achieve the informatization and intelligenization of vehicles and the trial of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) in pilot regions. This has become an important part and new highlight of CITE2023.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens the door to the future
CITE2022 Artificial Intelligence theme pavilion will introduce the AI ecosystem to visitors by displaying cutting-edge technological products including quantum communication and virtual reality. The pavilion will present the latest AI achievements of unicorn companies and the latest products and technologies of many excellent start-ups, which cover various areas like robotics, smart city, smart education, smart vehicle and smart healthcare. The exhibition is meant to explore the government-industry-research-user cooperation mechanism promote the innovation of core AI technologies and development of the AI industry. CITE2023 will help you keep pace with the new AI wave.
Intelligent manufacturing and robotics lead the fourth industrial revolution
Intelligent manufacturing is called the fourth industrial revolution, and various national strategies including Germany’s Industry 4.0, South Korea’s Manufacturing Industry Innovation 3.0 and Japan’s Industrial Innovation 3.0 are all intended to gain the upper hand in the new round of global manufacturing division and competition. CITE 2023 continually holds Shenzhen International Robotics and Intelligent System Exposition, which will feature the application of special robotics in all areas of our life.
Information security
CITE2023 will intensively display the latest technical achievements of China’s information technology innovation and information security.
Integrated circuit industry contributes to high-quality development
As the core and foundation of the electronic information industry, integrated circuit (IC) industry is a strategic, basic forerunner industry supporting socioeconomic development and guaranteeing national security. CITE2023 will gather up leading semiconductor design, manufacturing, packaging & testing, equipment and material enterprises to highlight the latest developments of the IC industrial chain.
The results of big data storage in promoting the implementation of the “new infrastructure” development strategy
With the rise and development of AI, 5G and IoT, global data generated each year has been growing explosively. Data storage is a basic and critical technology. It can not only serve as the infrastructure for information retention, but also become core assets that lead to establishment of business models and formation of specific products. Since big data storage is an important part of the “new infrastructure” development strategy, CITE2023 will intensively present the results of innovations in big data storage and meanwhile stage summit forums to explore the industry’s future development directions. promote and strengthen the construction of a cooperation platform that provides strong support for extensive application, exchange and cooperation of data storage in scenario application, ecological chain construction and industry development
E-sports plus 5G+VR help people chase their dreams
E-sports has already become a major growth point for the global consumer electronics industry. VR technology’s role in enhancing game experience drastically will contribute to new rapid growth of the E-sports market. The combination of 5G technology and VR will make it possible for VR game to become the first application field that revolutionizes user experience in the 5G era. 5G+VR+E-sports open the new possibility of the people pursuing their dreams, enhancing their experience and perception and governing the world
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